Article 6

The Governing Board shall consist of the following five members;

The President of the Governing Board who will be the Head of the SAI where the forthcoming ordinary session of Assembly will be held;
The Secretary General of ECOSAI;
Three members to be elected by the Assembly for a duration of three years.
The Governing Board shall meet at least once a year. At least three members should be present at the meetings of the Government Board.
The Governing Board shall take its decisions by the majority of votes cast.

The Governing Board shall have the responsibility to:

oversee the fulfillment of the Charter of ECOSAI;
adopt decisions necessary for the functioning of ECOSAI;
adopt the draft budget and to submit it to the Assembly;
submit the accounts together with the report of the Audit committee and its own comments to the Assembly for approval;
submit a report on ECOSAI activities to each ordinary session of the Assembly;
fulfil any other duties entrusted to it by the Assembly.




Article 7


The Secretariat shall be a permanent body with headquarters at Islamabad in Pakistan. It shall be headed by the head of SAI of Pakistan.

The Secretariat shall have the responsibilities to:


carry out the decisions of the Assembly and the Governing Board;
prepare the draft budget of ECOSAI and to submit it to the Governing Board;
implement the budget and to maintain the accounts and the records of ECOSAI;
organize professional studies and seminars for the pursuit of ECOSAI objectives;
maintain close liaison with ECO Secretariat;
provide secretarial and documentation facilities to the Assembly and committees;
carry out any other function assigned by the Assembly or by the Governing Board;

submit the annual financial statements to the Governing Board.



Article 8


There will be standing Audit Committee for the ECOSAI accounts consisting of two-member SAIs.


The Assembly can establish committees for different functions. They would be advisory bodies and their reports will be presented to the Assembly.




Article 9


The standing Audit Committee shall audit the accounts of ECOSAI and report to the Assembly through the Governing Board.


The standing Audit Committee would be elected for three years from among the member institutions which are not members of the Governing Board.


The Secretariat shall furnish the standing Audit Committee for the audit of accounts of ECOSAI with the documents and information required for the performance of its duties and shall assist it in the fulfillment of its tasks.




Article 10


The expenditure incurred by ECOSAI shall be met by:

annual contribution of US$ 500 by each member institution;
funding from any donor agencies, organizations and institutions;
sale of publications;
development of training materials and imparting training to non-members.
Expenditure for organizing meetings of the Assembly and committees shall be borne by the host country.




Article 11


English shall be the official language of ECOSAI. The Secretariat would, however, provide translations wherever possible and unavoidable. However, all documentation will be in English.




Article 12


Any Supreme Audit Institution of the ECO may become member of ECOSAI. Such application shall be addressed to the Assembly through the Secretariat. The Assembly shall decide admission of new member by a unanimous vote.

The muslim Turkish committee in Cyprus (TRNC) is allowed to participate in the economic, cultural and technical activities of ECOSAI without prejudice to the respective position of the member States and the on-going efforts for a final settlement of the question of Cyprus in accordance with relevant United Nation Security Council’s resolutions.




Article 13


Every member institution have the right to withdraw from ECOSAI provided written notification of withdrawal is addressed by the withdrawing member to the Secretariat.



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