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AG stresses on transparent and impartiality of auditor’s performance

Publish Date: Jun 24, 2018

Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, Auditor General welcomed all Auditors who returned form provinces after three months official duty in a session held withpresences of auditors and staff at SAO Conference hall on Saturday, 23 June, 2018. Heexpressed his gladness and thanked God over the auditors safely return due to fragile condition in the country.

In addition, AG shared a number of internal issues related to entity with auditors and suggested their consideration and attention in implementation and realization of these issues.

He marked ensuring the financial and administrative performances of the auditees as the first and main objective of SAO attained through auditing in compliance with INTOSAI standards and SAO policies. AG stressed the auditors must know and be aware of the main objectives of the entity to communicate with other entities’ authorities and staff based on their own understanding and simple language.

“Whereas Afghanistan is facing security challenges your visiting from the remoted and near areas for realization and implementation of SAO objectives is challenging and appreciable. That’s why those who waste the national budget in governmental entities including specific groups have been trying to make plot against your duty and SAO objective to continue their corruption and not be revealed. Therefore, all the auditors are obliged to be very cautious in their performances”. Said Dr.Mohammad SharifSharifi.Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi emphasized: “your duty timeline is clear in your guideline plan and you are obliged to audit according to the guideline and no extra time will be extended for you.”

According to his statement there have been a great deal of problems in auditeeand the majority of the authorities are reluctant to deliver information to your inquires on a timely manner. When you audited the entity try to present your audit findings draft for high ranked officials of auditee and get their confirmation along with name, position and signature, otherwise don’t worry about their non-responding to your questions and inquiries. Based on law you are allowed to mention their non-responding in the report and do your responsibilities.

Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi regarding assigning of auditors in auditees said: the auditors are assigned bya committee established as per anti-corruption and SAO strategy which constituted of managers, directors and two deputy’s of auditor general (finance and administrative –operational) and be sure there is no personal benefit in this regard.

He stressed on requirements and need for internal disciplinesandcalled the“impartiality, integrity and honesty as INTOSAI main principle to complyproperly. He recommended all auditors and staff to submit their work and travel report inside and outside of the country to let the SAO to know their achievements. He addressed auditors assigned in joint group with representative of entities and warned that they are not allowed to visit the entity after completion of audit.
Finally, Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi said: “abusing job authorities will be a big treason and followed by SAO management.”

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